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Klea privat cam

Ebal to pronounce curses against those who disobeyed the twelve precepts of prime relig- ious and ethical importance, while: the remainder of the tribes, standing upon Mt.

33, one half of the people wire ordered to place them selves on Mt.

The word DTJ ("stringed ornament"), the equivalent of the Arabic "nazm," induces one to suppose that the primitive form of the ear-pendants was a string of pearls, beads, etc., of a globular form.

When the writer wished to specify, he added the word JTX to indicate earrings, or p,x to indicate nose- rings.

He was on General Scott's staff In the Florida campaign against Osceola, the Seminole Chief, and was wounded in the neck in the final battle which ended in Osceola's defeat and suhse- quenl capture. Akhissar, the ancient Tbyatira, a Jew- ish stronghold in Asia Minor, seems to have been connected with the dyeing trade in the early cen- turies, and even to-day the crimson fez usually worn in the East is generally manufactured and dyed in that locality (Brightwen, "Side-Lights on the Bible," p. In antiquity the tradeobtained somedistinc- tion, purple being the royal color. 441) says that " the Jews of Bokhara devote themselves to commerce and industry. A branch community existed formerly in the neighboring town of Auras. drr Jlldischen (,■- meiml- Dj/hernfurth, in Uebermann'fl Jahrbuch zum Va Uuska Under, Brteg, 1883; Idem, Zur Oeseh. The first work to be issued from the pri of Dyhernfurth was Samuel ben I'li's "Bel She muel," on the Shulhan 'Aruk, Eben ba 'Ezer (His:. of England under the following circumstances: On May 15, 1800, George III. In rabbinic parlance "nesher" is used as a title of distinction; e.g., to denote the Roman government (Sanh. On the ancient fallacy that the eagle could renew its youth see Bochart, " Ilierozoicon," part ii., bk.

DYER, LEON : American soldier ; born at Al- zey, Germany, Oct. At an early age he went with his parents to Baltimore. In the early part of his career he worked in his father's beef-pack- ing establishment (the firstin America). It is perhaps this shape which is indicated by the word m S'OJ (lit.

The Louisiana contingent was as- signed to the force of Gen. DYHERNFTJRTH : Town in Prussian Silesia, with 1,463 inhabitants; founded Jan. In 1688, under Baron von Glaubitz, the new lord of the estate and of the city, the workers whom the printer Sbabbethai Bass had gathered about him became a community — the first in Silesia since the expulsion of the Jews from that province in 1584. Woods, Animals of the Bi We, Philadel- phia, 1872; I.. If the seller was urgent for the payment, and thus made it obvious that he sold the property because be was in need of money, either of the parties could retract before the pay- ment of the last instalment; for it was evident that the seller did not agree to sell except on condition that he receive the full amount.

He received a commission as major in the Texas forces, signed by the first president, Bur- nett. , desir- ing to reward the Silesiau chancellor, Baron von Dyhern, gave his estate Przig the rights and status of a city with the name "Dyhernfurth." To fur- ther the prosperity of his city its owner obtained permission (July 12, 1667) to establish a printing- house, which, however, soon ceased to exist. The remainder of the purchase-money was then considered a loan to be paid by the buyer at a stipulated time. A pledge, either for part or for the whole of the 27 TIIK JEWISH ENCYCLOPEDIA Dzhurin Earthquake purchase-money, was not considered an earnest, and did not constitute a sale (Kid. All the laws that applied to the acquisition of im movable property applied also to tin- acquisition of slaves (see Slaves).

These differences were settled by mutual agreement on I'.

1 1 9, 1661 In 1S98 there was in Dyvin a Jewish population of 1,200 out of a total population of 10,000.

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liver's natural talent and strong patriotic feeling won him the confidence of ante-bellum statesmen, and in Van Buren's administration he was chosen to be the hearer of despatches to the Prussian gov- ernment. "The blood of the purple mollusk is used to dye wool purple" (Menahot 44a). Nearly all the dyers, especially the dyers of silk, are Jews. The manufacture of zizit, tallit, and arba' kanfot in Russia, and the dyeing which is incidental to the last two, have placed a considerable part of the dyeing business in the hands of the Jews of that country. Bibliography : Giidemann, Geschichte des Erziehunyswc- sois in Italien, p. A synagogue had been established and maintained by Feibl Pesong, its president ; in 1785 it was succeeded by a new temple, which was superseded in 1851. des Landrabbtw esien, in Orlttz Jubelachrift, Breslau, Iss T; Stalls- ttachet Jahrbuch des Dcirtsch-lsrac Ut. outside Prague, had no Hebrew printing office at that time.

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