Joe mauer dating 2016

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Joe mauer dating 2016

Różycki (Max Kepler, possibly alluding* to the Polish cryptologist affiliated with the Enigma machine) 3.

So we learned Wednesday when the Minnesota Twins unveiled their special nickname jerseys.

He struck out a career-high 98 times, fueled by a career-high percentage of swings at pitches outside of the strike zone.

The Twins were a bit baffled by his decline, as manager Ron Gardenhire said he may have been pressing to try and make the All-Star game in his home park.

Although not a prodigious home run hitter, he has a strong enough bat to still be a positive player at first base as his OPS would have ranked sixth among AL first baseman.

Whether the Twins will get enough value for his million annual salary without his defense and bat at catcher remains uncertain.

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His decline can't be blamed on poor health alone, as Mauer swung and missed at a career-high 27.6% of pitches outside the strike zone last year, his walk rate fell to a career low for a full season and his contact rate hit a career low.

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