Is there a federal law mandating auto insurance chris evans kristin cavallari dating

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Unless I was deliberately coughed upon or pushed, there is no one to blame.

So there simply is no parallel with tort law to draw upon here.

Since driving increases both the likelihood and extent of such torts, mandatory insurance (or proof of financial ability to pay in New Hampshire and Wisconsin) “insures” that I can restore my victims to wholeness.

The similarities between the two types of insurance seem to begin and end with their shared name. One of the most debated aspects of current health care reform proposals is the “public option,” or government delivery of health insurance.

Once again we find a glaring disconnect in the comparison with auto coverage.

But I’m especially surprised that inhabitants of New Hampshire and Wisconsin haven’t immediately exposed this line of reasoning since their states have no such requirement at all—a barely publicized truth which underscores the fact that there is no national car insurance law.

Still, let’s put aside the equivocation between federal and state authority and investigate whether the analogy would hold even if mandatory auto insurance actually were a federal law.

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