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How the Shaman came to such detailed knowledge is unknown.

My view, which I have explored in detail in Ayahuasca Shamanic Journey: A Life Un Veiled is that animal man was led to this knowledge by Hallucinogenic substances in plants.

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by James Khan History of Massage Ancient Cultures, Sex and Judeo-Christian Guilt Shamanic Origins of Massage, Ancient Chinese and Japanese Massage Indian and Thai Massage Babylonian, Egyption and Arabic Massage Greek and Roman Massage The Romans: Baths, Massage and Pleasure Christianity, the Fall of Rome and The Death of Massage The Messiah: Constantine the Great Sin, Sexual Repression and Christianity The Dark Ages: An Evil Unsurpassed in Human History Arabic Cultures and Islam The British Empire and Global Sexual Repression The Whabi House of Saud and Islamic Fundamentalism The Psychological Effects of Sexual Repression The Clinical or Robotic Rebirth of Modern Massage Sex, Respectability and Clinical Massage Training Modalities or Types of Massage Therapies Clinical Massage Therapies Non-Clinical Massage Therapies Massage Parlors, Prostitution and Massage Training Prospects for The Future of Massage The Future is Bright, the Future is Clinical Chronological History of Massage The Shaman, Witch Doctor or Sorcerer was the first Physician.

They developed a comprehensive system of massage that covered the physical, muscular, emotional and spiritual aspects of being that connected Male and Female with nature, the cosmos and with the Tao, the active divinity behind all observed phenomena.

Amma as a healing system dates back some 5,000 to the period of the Yellow Emperor and even prior periods.

Ling’s contribution to the development, use and popularity of modern clinical massage is huge.

The Shaman were the first to use the ritual consumption of hallucinogenic plants as an aid to knowledge and healing.

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For example, the technique of massage abortion, involving the application of pressure to the pregnant abdomen, has been practiced in Southeast Asia for centuries.

One of the bas relief’s decorating the temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, dated circa 1150, depicts a demon performing such an abortion upon a woman who has been sent to the underworld.

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