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Irish marriage and dating customs

The groom to be would bring a gift of game or maybe a few arrows to his new in-laws, take his bride home to live in his band and with his new parents.

His only obligation is to find among his relatives a girl willing to marry a brother or male cousin of his wife.

Afterwards, the wedding party typically takes pictures while guests make their way to the reception.

As the groom and his wedding party arrive, the bride's family and friends ceremonially block the entrance to the house.Customarily, marriage proceedings often begin with the man proposing to the woman.Upon her acceptance the man then calls for a meeting with his clan elders who largely consist of extended elderly family members.Officials and elders sip wine while they invite the couple in for introductions and negotiations, and presentation of the bride price which consists mainly of gifts of shoes, textiles, jewelry and bags.In Eastern parts of the country it is very much the same.

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Upon completion of these negotiations, a wedding date is set, with the elders having provided an acceptable percentage of the full dowry. No request is made for it, but the young man is expected to remember to finish his payment and failure to do so spells dishonor for that family.

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