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Generally, harassment is any unwelcome discriminatory conduct in the workplace, that no reasonable employee should have to endure.As indicated, workplace harassment is a form of employment discrimination.

The court's definition of what constitutes a hostile work environment has expanded to coworkers who are caught up in the sexual harassment situation, too.

Employees need to understand that they have an obligation to report sexual harassment concerns to their supervisor, manager or the Human Resources office.

Only if your HR staff knows what is going on can they effectively address sexual harassment at work.

However, to be the Sex discrimination includes harassment based on gender, pregnancy, childbirth or abortion, and in several states and Federal employment, on the basis of sexual orientation (sexual preference), marital status or parental status.

Disability discrimination includes harassment for having AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome).

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The front line leader is usually the person initiating and following through on those steps, so they have to feel confident about what they are doing.