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Leslie Knope, Indiana’s favorite fictional daughter, would be so proud.

Head downtown to the canal and rent yourself either a tandem kayak or a paddleboat for an hour or two and splash around one of Indy’s prettiest little corners.

Indy is one of the last remaining cities in the US with a full-time symphony, so we like to hang out with them as much as we can.

SOTP is basically our Shakespeare in the Park, and everyone from young couples to families packs a picnic and heads out to enjoy this jeans-and-t-shirt summer edition of our beloved ISO.

Let the Naptown Roller Girls inject your bloodlust for contact sports with the added athleticism it takes to do it on four wheels.

Though the matchmaking portion of the show is just for fun, taking your date up on stage for a little public scrutiny and silly playtime is a nice way to cut right to the thoroughly broken ice.

If you’re stumped for ideas but adventurous, make it easy on yourself and simply walk the last lower length of Massachusetts Ave.

Save that money for a slice of Byrne’s grilled pizza just down the street on 56th. It takes more time than apple or pumpkin picking so you have lots of time to chat, and you can screen out those not dextrous enough to tickle the delicate fruit off the vine.

While you’re there, buy one of Spencer’s transcendent, freshly made pies and see how long it takes for the conversation to devolve into a lot of extended “pie” metaphors.

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