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Icq sexual chat

The term zoophilia is frequently used with the same meaning as bestiality.

Masters (1966) uses it to describe the predominant or exclusive desire for sexual relations with animals.

Beetz University of Erlangen, Germany HUMAN SEXUAL CONTACT WITH ANIMALS New insights from current Research Sexual Contact with Animals throughout History Throughout history we can find pictures, paintings and reports about humans having sexual interactions with animals. shows a fox/dog copulating with a woman (Neret, 1994).

The usual definitions of these terms are shortly described here (though different authors often give different definitions).

C.) we know, that sex with animals must have been practiced there, since it is explicitly forbidden by death penalty in one of the nearly 300 legal provisions.

Sometimes only the intercourse with certain kinds of animals - e.g.

The references read as follows: "Whoever lies with a beast, shall be put to death" (Exodus ) "You shall not have sexual intercourse with any beast to make yourself unclean with it, nor shall a woman submit herself to intercourse with a beast: that is violation of nature" (Leviticus -24).

"A man who has sexual intercourse with an beast shall be put to death and you shall kill the beast.

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Though we know from recent research that the majority of people engaging in sex with animals do not suffer in a clinically significant extent, and their social and occupational life etc.

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