Highest bidder dating robert pattinson and kristen stewart announces dating

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Highest bidder dating

In the mountains near her Fresno, Calif., home last month, Amber Frey joined some of her church girlfriends for a weekend retreat.

The women played bingo, attended Bible study, prayed and spent a lot of time just talking.

As the preliminary hearing in Modesto, Calif., moves into its third week, the Fresno massage therapist has clearly assumed a key role in the prosecution’s case against Peterson, 31.

Not only is she the Other Woman, who may provide a motive for Laci’s murder, she is also an intimate witness to the defendant’s state of mind.

Friends say that at a Christmas party in Fresno she showed up with Peterson and ebulliently went around introducing her new beau.

20 and had started seeing him soon thereafter.) But on Dec.

“This is what happens when you come forward,” says her father, Ron Frey.

“They beat the daylights out of you.” Daylight is exactly what the prosecution hopes Amber will shed on the events surrounding the murder of Laci and her unborn son, Conner. 6, Brocchini described how he happened to be at the Modesto Police Department tip desk when a call came in from Frey on Dec. He quickly went out to interview her, and she told him she was romantically involved with Peterson.

craft, the timing of which, prosecutors seemed to be suggesting, was no coincidence.

(But as the defense pointed out, Peterson had already told the owner that he wanted to buy the boat the day before the confrontation.) Brocchini, an 18-year police veteran, told other stories of Peterson’s behavior that had set off alarm bells in his mind: On Christmas Eve Brocchini found a .22-caliber semiautomatic handgun in the glove compartment of Peterson’s Ford pickup.

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