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Viewer ratings could not be found for five of the episodes, including; "Exclusively Yours", "Moonlighting", "If It's Not One Thing, It's Your Mother", "All About Christmas Eve", and "House of Blues". Joe has to take care of Helen when she gets her wisdom teeth pulled out, but unfortunately for him, her appointment falls on the same day as a gathering based around a much anticipated college basketball game. Meanwhile, Roy tries to mess with Helen's mind by claiming that one of his male pilots is actually female, and Joe accidentally destroys Lowell's beloved Graf Zeppelin model.In the series premiere, Joe Hackett gets a message that his late father planned a scavenger hunt for a suitcase of his. Joe is hospitalized for back trouble and leaves a color-coded timetable for Brian to manage Sandpiper.Helen decides to give up the cello, until she is thrown for a loop when the conductor concludes that with considerable effort she could show promise. Joe and Brian think they spotted a UFO and are reluctant about reporting it to the FAA.Joe holds a bachelor party for a guy he can't remember going to high school with. Roy agrees to pay for the lessons after he thinks R. When Brian finally does, they're visited by a UFO group who asks to ride in their plane to see if they can spot it again.Also Read: Randy Travis' Naked DWI Arrest Video Can Be Released, Judge Orders But when local news filed freedom of information requests for the video, Travis’ lawyers moved to block public release of the dash-cam arrest video.Over the past five years, the case made its way up to federal court, where Travis’ lawyers sought an injunction to prevent the video’s release while lawyers for the media organizations argued that the video should be released under the public’s constitutional right to access public information.

Effective November 1, 2011, Money for inmate accounts will only be accepted through Touch Pay Payment Systems.

Neither can Brian or anyone else, until the exotic dancer recalls him, suddenly putting the whole wedding in disarray. Meanwhile, Helen and Fay squabble over a lunch bill.

When Joe admits to the man that he cannot remember him, he thinks Joe is a great practical joker. After struggling in New York City and resorting to a meager job waitressing in a strip club, Helen relents and wishes to go home to Massachusetts.

Joe takes her back to Nantucket, but does not mention he found a girlfriend (even though he and Helen broke up earlier).

Helen reacts to the news by driving her jeep through Joe's office.

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Brian is annoyed with Joe's boring classroom ways and spices it up by allowing unlicensed Helen to fly the Sandpiper plane.