Gold fish bowl dating

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In a restaurant at an exhibition in IJmuiden they placed a simple glassbowl with two goldfish on every table.

Some visitors threw their cigarette ends and leftover beer in it.

That offers the animals the necessary diversion and movement and keeps them psychologically and physically healthy. First of all the owners of the goldfish must buy a normal aquarium.

Breathing aids like the Breathing Reed or Gills Potion will allow for normal breathing when wearing the bowl.

However, it may be placed in the vanity slot without the breath meter appearing, and you will not drown.

The type of fish received is dependent on the player's Fishing level.

At level 99, players have a 40% chance of catching a bluefish, 40% chance of catching a greenfish, and a 20% chance of receiving a spinefish.

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They can't take their bearings, conceal themselves, keep their distance from other fish and search for food. Fish, Goldfish as well, are built to swim considerable distances. According to the opinion of the experts the goldfishbowl is absolutely unsuitable for keeping fish.