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Siwon has a mysterious back story, weird and eccentric character, great acting.He really did feels like a main lead material here, just the script doesn't allow him to be.The whole story warms up your heart and leaves a remarkable message about friendship, family, finding your true love and not giving up on your dreams.Come on guys, he was the show stealer, the talk of KDrama town ever since She was Pretty came out, and ending the drama abruptly with almost no scenes of him was so disgusting.That first happened in Mask earlier this year, and with this drama as well as happening right now with "Oh My Venus".The way they acted as a couple came out very natural, sweet and romantic.

I never fallen for such cute great characters, I have to admit that among all the characters Kim Shin was the best.I understand that Hye Jin appeared to be so clumsy and hilarious in the beginning that's because she did not have any self confidence.Sometimes I dislike the main lead actress acting because she overacted over simple things still I understand why she acted like that because that's the way she should portray her character.Hye jin actually look beautiful too with curly hair...But problem is, SJ doesn't have a strong back story.

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