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Gay dating in europe

With a pair of headphones hanging from his ears, he looked pale and emaciated, but flashes of anger and pride cut through his recollections.“Everything I’m going to tell you, I would say it all to Putin’s face,” he began, without wasting a word on pleasantries.

He was in bad financial straits at the time, living in Grozny with his elderly foster mother, and in order to get out of debt he posted a notice online offering to sell his kidney.

With the Kremlin’s blessing, he has cast himself as a kind of spiritual father for all Chechens, regardless of whether they reside in Russia or in exile.

His campaign against homosexual men has reflected his mission to turn Chechnya into an obedient and fiercely patriarchal society, one defined by a code of conduct that Kadyrov enforces according to his whim. To purify our blood, if there are any of them here, let them be taken away.” Eskarkhanov watched that interview over and over again from his refugee shelter on the outskirts of Berlin.

The experience of Eskarkhanov suggests that they were right.

By the time he agreed to tell his story in July, the cycle of attacks had not only chased him out of Russia, it also followed him to Germany, suggesting that the violence has reached deep into the European countries now offering protection to the victims.

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Since early April, a wave of attacks against homosexual men has been reported spreading across the region of Chechnya, a deeply conservative part of Russia that is predominantly Muslim.

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