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You won’t waste time filling out large forms and questionnaires, and your pictures are right there on Facebook.

(Caveat: Don’t use photos of you with your kids or of them alone, for their safety.

I had one child for almost 8 years, and it was just the two of us everyday. My husband and I traded off, and both of us loved that time with him, with no distractions.

Now that we have six kids, we have to work harder to spend quality time with each of them individually, but we feel it’s important enough that we’ve made it a priority, and it goes on the calendar before other things.

A simple swipe left, and that dream guy is gone forever; a simple swipe right, and he could end up a match for life! The most frustrating aspect about Tinder: Once you swipe left, the man is gone for life unless you purchase an upgrade with the ability to take back your “swiping decision.” Plus, this site seems to be loaded with men who are simply collecting matches and “liking” you because they’re bored and need something to look at. ) In short, Tinder is known to be a hook-up app, so you’ll have to hunt hard to strike gold. —there you are, pretty as a picture in your new profile.

Cons: Since you’re limited with your search parameters, you may sift through a lot of matches just to find one decent guy. Bumble Pros: What makes it unique is women have to pitch the first message. While there have been one or two saucy gentlemen I’ve come across, for the most part the men have wanted to go on dates pretty quickly.

Our dates always include food, so we go to lunch or dinner first, then head to the store.

Photos are easy to upload, and you can pick and choose how many questions you want to answer or leave blank.[tps_header] I’ve long had the opinion that having regular individual date nights with your kids is as important to their overall well-being as eating healthy meals and getting a good night’s sleep.As a stay-at-home mom, I’m home with my kids all day long, and we have a lot of fun together amidst all the errands, chores, and “busy” work of the day.You’ve got no desire to go out with this jobless fool.This app is for i Phone only, so if you’re an Android fan, you’re out of luck.

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Bowling Whether it’s speed bowling, trying to tickle each other while trying to bowl, or laughing about our shoes, this is a beloved date from the tiniest to biggest of kids! Visit the Fire Station My little 3 year old boys LOVE the fire station.