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It is a crisis that is spreading alarmingly fast, threatening everyone, even the healthy.

That armor makes it very difficult for normal antibiotics to get into the bacteria and to kill it.

They looked at part of her lungs and diagnosed her with pneumonia.

NARRATOR: The next morning, Tonya Rerecich, a nurse for 16 years, took Addie to a local hospital, where they said she had symptoms of a virus.

There are only four or maybe five antibiotics normally that are able to treat that particular bacteria.

ANNOUNCER: —and why major drug companies are giving up on developing new antibiotics.

And so I packed a bag and we went to another hospital that had specialized in children's care.

I remember sitting there, watching the sun come up and thinking, "How did she get so sick?

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NARRATOR: This is the story of three seemingly disconnected events beginning at the same time.

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