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Furthermore, and in support of the above mentioned potential complementarity and synergy between both media, we are starting to see the 2D and 3D Webs gradually converge and merge; see, for example, the Flux project, this blog article and this application. We are spatial beings, living and interacting in a 3D (real/analogue) world.

So 3D virtual worlds are here to stay and eventually become one with/tightly and seamlessly integrated with the 2D Web over the coming months and years (rather than replace the 2D Web). Our voice communications are even spatialised (being able to discern the direction of voice/sound sources around us), and that's how the blind find their way in computerised 3D spaces.

Online leaflets and static information materials have no social component--even those materials offering single-user interactivity or asynchronous, multi-user (predominantly textual) interactivity remain seriously lacking in this respect.

Second Life, on the other hand, is about 3D social networking par excellence; it has this unique 'human touch' and is instantaneous, something not found (in a similar way) in 2D social networking sites like My Space and Facebook or in instant messaging/voice chatting services like Paltalk.

Boulos - April 2007October 2011--The 3D Web is one step closer: Based on Unity3D, Jibe allows users to publish multiuser virtual worlds directly on the Web (to run in standard Web browsers) or on a mobile device Jibe - see also: Kataspace (plugin-free, HTML5 virtual worlds), Cloud Party (Web GL), Virtual World Framework (Web GL) and Proton Media Proto Sphere mobile (i Pad) 3D virtual worlds January 2016--The year of VR and AR: "There is huge investment from the biggest players whether it is Facebook with Oculus, Microsoft with Holo Lens, Sony, Google" Virtual worlds reborn: Can Second Life's second life democratise VR?

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The message of a any given 3D presence must not become too eclipsed by the cutting-edge technology used to deliver it.

Technology needs to be transparent, almost invisible. Technology has to prompt curiosity but remain discrete, so that one can fully focus on the message of the 3D experience. Boulos - September 2008 A tale of two graphics cards in Second Life - Left: low-end Intel GMA 900 card (64 MB shared graphics memory); right: high-end NVIDIA Go 7 series card (with 256 MB dedicated graphics memory).

In fact, one should ask the question: 'why does CISCO, the owner of Web Ex, maintain a very strong presence (including healthcare-related) in the world of Second Life and regularly conduct activities there?

(Same for IBM.)' Many bloggers and commentators have already discussed this and described some very early solutions attempting to combine the powers of Web Ex and 3-D worlds; for example: See also: Live meetings in 3-D virtual worlds vs. Boulos - April 2008 The message and the vehicle--technology should be a servant, not a goal: A richer 3D multimedia environment will not always result in more effective information acquisition and learning.

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