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Such facts and artifacts cover geography, tectonics, fauna and flora as well as common misconceptions or this time as well.

As already mentioned above, during the Jurassic period the massive continent Pangea broke in to Laurasia and Gondwana; however, during the Jurassic period there were many other geographic changes afoot.

Smack in the middle of the Mesozoic area, the Jurassic period itself was also divided in to three sections, the early, middle and late Jurassic periods.

The Jurassic period brought some amazing changes that bred some amazing prehistoric beasts in a time which fell between 146 and 200 million years ago.

The Dogger epoch also saw the appearance of new terrestrial life including Cetiosaurs, Hypsilophodonts, Megalosaurs, and Brachiosaurs.

Marine life during the Dogger epoch saw some thinning of marine life as Icthyosaurs diversity reduced; however this reduced diversity was met with increased numbers of existing species.The early Jurassic period also brought a much warmer and wetter rainforest type of climate and as such it encouraged reptile expansion.The early Jurassic period saw a variety of other life as well including the Ammonites, marine reptiles and terrestrial animals.The lower Atlantic did not show itself until Gondwana broke apart during the Cretaceous period.Due to the rainforest like climate of the Jurassic era there was no evidence of either ice caps or glaciers and due to the larger continents still being in existence there was not yet any evidence of land near the poles at this time either.

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