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When Comte Conrad II died in 1136, he was succeeded as Comte de Luxembourg by his first cousin Henri de Namur (see Chapter 2), the son of his paternal aunt Ermensende.Comte Henri de Namur was succeeded by his daughter Ermensende, who transmitted the county of Luxembourg to Hendrik van Limburg, her son by her second marriage to Waleran IV Duke of Limburg (see Chapter 3). Luxembourg had emerged as one of the largest German states, bound to the north by the county of Namur and the bishopric of Lige, to the west by France, to the south by the duchy of Lorraine and the county of Bar, and to the east by the archbishopric of Trier.By the early 13th century, French was replacing Latin as the language of charters and became the language spoken at the Luxembourg court. Nor did this prevent his election as king of Germany in 1308.The new king had little territorial influence in Germany outside his own county.In order to increase his power, he arranged the marriage of his son Jean to the heiress of the kingdom of Bohemia in 1310.Thereafter, the Luxembourg monarchs maintained their centre-stage position in European politics for more than a hundred years, during which time they also succeeded as kings of Hungary and Markgrafen of Brandenburg.

The only explanation which is consistent with all the sources is that Cunigonde married for a third time after the death of her second husband and that she was the mother of Siegfried by her third marriage.

Kunigunde's brother Heinrich was installed as duke of Bavaria in 1004, although his relations with his brother-in-law the king were far from smooth and he was deprived of the duchy a few years later.

He was reappointed duke in 1017, but lost the title again after King Heinrich died in 1024.

His nephew Heinrich ruled as duke of Bavaria from 1042 until he was murdered in 1047.

There is considerable uncertainty about the reconstruction of the early generations of the descendants of Count Siegfried, particularly in relation to their family connections to the Grafen von Gleiberg (see the document FRANCONIA NOBILITY) which are discussed below.

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Although Luxembourg was a German state whose population spoke a German dialect, its rulers frequently intermarried with French and Walloon aristocracy.