Delpy dating

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Delpy dating

He was Delpy's first choice for the film, and that they form an interracial couple is almost besides the point. " Film Review: 2 Days in New York THR: What’s the difference between an American in Paris, and French people in New York? Delpy: It’s different -- I mean, an American in Paris was really a fish out of water. Ex-boyfriends, the city, taxi drivers, the people: everything seems like it’s attacking and closing in.

"I was like, okay, we’re not in 1962, I’m not going to make a mix couple where, that’s the subject matter of the film," she says. This is a movie, it’s a man and a woman, that’s the problem. The city was taking over, almost the city was more present. Here it’s very different, like everything is fine, they’re in New York, they’re in their element, everything should be fine.

THR: A lot of people have been saying, ‘Finally, someone figured out how to use Chris Rock.’ Have you heard that? People were surprised that he actually plays the straight man.

And I don't know about the soul — I'm not sure the soul exists!

In my last film [2 Days in New York], my soul was in Vincent Gallo's underwear, so it's hard for me to say. " Says Hawke: "I sometimes resist the notion [of a soul mate] because it creates this idea for people who are single that there is something missing, which I don't think is true.

Then I went on IMDBpro, called his agent, I buy the membership, every three months [laughing], oh his agent is so and so, I know this guy, he used to be my agent.

So I called his agent and said, ‘Do you think Chris would be remotely interested in working with me, does he know my work?

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While in the previous film, Marion and her boyfriend (played by real-life ex Adam Goldberg) were visiting her hometown in France and dealing with the consequences of culture clash and the difficulties of adult relationships, here she is in her adopted home of New York, her family invading the settled life she has created with her son and new boyfriend, Mingus.