Dating south wales

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Dating south wales

The settlement later became a stopover for coaches bound west from Muswellbrook until the railway replaced the coach service.It was gazetted as a town and named Cassilis in 1869.Further along the road, to the left, is the Royal Hotel, built of sandstone c. On the other side of the road, just past the post office, are the school of arts and library (early 20th century). Along Scott St an old hitching post can still be seen.If you continue along Buccleugh St and follow the road as it bends left as the Coolah Rd then, on top of the hill, gazing over the valley below, is the public school (1875) which is still in use.About 20 km along this road take the signposted right onto the dirt road.After 100 m turn right into a small clearing and a 400-m walking track starts from the far side.

A sign indicates a left turn back to the honeycombed cliff face which you follow to the end.Walk through the ferny glade then you will pass by a large rock to the right.To the left there are rock orchids and ferns on the cliff face.Beyond the school turn left into Ancrum St which will lead you back in the direction of the highway.Hands on the Rock 10 km south-west of Cassilis, the Ulan/Mudgee Rd heads south off the Golden Highway.

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Welsh Liberalism, exemplified in the early 20th century by Lloyd George, was displaced by the growth of socialism and the Labour Party.

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