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But Pall, a former Madison resident who now lives in northern Michigan, said in an interview that he is no longer active in the Proud Boys, although he said the attack did not alter his feelings about the group. The Proud Boys were founded at the height of the 2016 presidential campaign by Gavin Mc Innes, a New York-based conservative online talk show host and co-founder of Vice Media who has since cut ties with the company.

He estimates the membership at about 5,000 men nationwide.

In October, a University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate student, who at the time was being vetted as a possible new member of the Proud Boys, was relieved from his teaching assistant position.

He told police the men had targeted him as a Trump supporter because of his T-shirt, which read: "Basket of Deplorables 2016." Pall said one yelled, "He is wearing a Trump shirt! " and three surrounded him, pummeling his head, hands and arms and shattering his cell phone.

Pall told the officer he did not know who the attackers were but thought he knew what they were: anti-fascist activists known as "antifa." An "antifa" website later published a blog post detailing the attack and claiming responsibility.

Initiation at the second degree involves getting punched by other members while naming five breakfast cereals.

Third degree is earned by getting a Proud Boy tattoo.

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"Antifa" members had posted personal information about Eric and other Proud Boys members online following the Madison attack.