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There will not be a charge for issuance of letters with a new expiration date; however, the charge for certified copies of letters is .00.The mission of the Kent County Probate Court is to secure the sound and efficient resolution of matters within an accessible and person-centered venue where every individual is treated with dignity and respect. Murkowski, Chief Probate Judge, (616) 632-5428 Judge David M.Hearings take place on a tight time frame: they are normally required to be held within seven days of involuntary hospitalization.The Court is also required to oversee and hold hearings for commitment of individuals from other counties hospitalized in Kent County, and other counties do the same when Kent County residents are hospitalized in other counties.In 1979 Judge Murkowski was also inducted into the National Jesuit Honor Society. Cooley Law School and was an honor roll graduate in 1983.Judge Murkowski served as law clerk to the Michigan House of Representatives Civil Rights Committee and worked as a solo practitioner in Grand Rapids until 1993, when he joined the law firm of Dilley & Dilley.Murkowski was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Accordingly, individuals with disabilities at Woods are at risk of serious injury, death, psychological harm, and trauma.” DRNY got involved because 111 New Yorkers were living at Woods a year ago.The Court may also be called upon to interpret Wills or Trusts in the event of uncertainty or conflict over the document's meaning.Proceedings in decedent's estates may be unsupervised or supervised by the Court, depending on the situation. The Probate Court also hears a variety of other types of matters.In 2011, other counties oversaw 178 cases involving Kent residents hospitalized elsewhere, and conducted 142 hearings on those cases.In 2011, Kent County Probate Court oversaw 839 cases involving residents of other counties hospitalized here, and conducted 247 hearings on those cases, none of which is reflected in Kent's SCAO case load statistics.

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