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As we did with article submissions, make the second row account information.Then make the first column all of the different URLs of each page on your site (depending on your site, you can use all or some of the pages on your site).

Expenses A great SEO practice is to keep track of expenses that are SEO related.Article Submission If you’re SEO campaign is legitimate, chances are you will try and submit your articles/posts to article directories.It’s vital to keep track of which articles you have submitted where and when, so you know what to submit, where the submit it, and when to submit it.On your spreadsheet, mark down any of your top links, any sites that come up a lot in the backlink checkers, which sites linked to you without request or submission, and any other interesting notes.Try and come up with a rough draft of different link partners and the number of page links you have pointing to your site.

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