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Dating novels

Kate Grenville, The Lieutenant (2009), about an eighteenth century naval astronomer who lands on the unexplored shores of New South Wales with a ship carrying convicts for resettlement and becomes involved with an Aboriginal child; #2 in the Secret River trilogy.

Kate Grenville, Sarah Thornhill (2012), about the daughter of an ex-convict, now a wealthy landowner, and the family secrets that begin emerging when she falls in love; #3 in the Secret River trilogy.

Peter Carey, Oscar and Lucinda (1988), about an Anglican priest and an Australian heiress, both compulsive gamblers, whose lives are changed when he bets her that he can transport a glass church 400 miles across New South Wales; won the 1988 Man Booker Prize.

Brian Castro, Birds of Passage, a literary novel about an Australian of Chinese ancestry who finds parallels between his life and that of his ancestor, who came to work in the gold fields but was driven out by racism and greed Brian Castro, The Garden Book, a literary novel about a rare books librarian who pieces together the story of a woman of Chinese ancestry in an unhappy marriage who has a love affair with an aviator and architect during the years between the Depression and the Second World War Nancy Cato, All the Rivers Run, about a woman orphaned by a shipwreck on her way to Australia, who lives by a river and becomes an artist, then a river boat captain; published in 1958; #1 in the Rivers trilogy.

The first Europeans to settle in New Zealand were Christian missionaries who came in the 1800s to convert the native Maori.

The Maori initially welcomed European settlers, but as more and more flooded in, displacing the Maori, conflicts erupted into the Land Wars of the 1860s and 1870s.

Native Australians, dubbed Aborigines by European settlers, did not fare well as colonization spread, but modern novelists recognize the positive aspects of their culture.

Bryce Courtenay, The Potato Factory (1995), about an underworld kingpin in nineteenth century London who follows his wife and mistress to Australia when they are transported to a penal colony, because his wife has the other half of the combination to a safe stuffed with money; #1 in the Australian trilogy Bryce Courtenay, Tommo & Hawk (1997), about two boys who were kidnapped and separated at a young age but reunited as teenagers; #2 in the Australian trilogy Bryce Courtenay, Solomon's Song, about the heir to a family business empire who tries to end the conflict between different sides of the family; #3 in the Australian trilogy Bryce Courtenay, Jessica, about an unconventional young Australian woman's struggle for justice as World War I begins.

Josephine Cox, Outcast, about a girl in 1860 England whose dying father has entrusted both her and his fortune to his sister and her cruel husband; #1 in the Emma Grady trilogy Josephine Cox, Alley Urchin, about a woman convicted of a crime she did not commit and transported to Australia, while the child she believes dead grows up as an alley urchin in England; #2 in the Emma Grady trilogy.

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Kimberley Freeman, Ember Island (2014), about an Australian woman of the present day who retreats to an old house after her boyfriend breaks up with her, and the woman who lived in the same house in 1876 and left pages of her diary in the walls.

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