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Most backpackers are likely to enter Colombia from Ecuador at Ipiales in the south and cross into Venezuela in the north-east at Maicao (or vice versa).

The classic route is something like this (starting from the south): Ipiales – Popayan – San Agustin – Cali – Coffee region – Bogota – Villa de Leyva – Medellin – Cartagena – Santa Marta (including Parque Tayrona).

People will tell you that they barely left their cities it was so dangerous.

A couple of hours drive beyond the snow-capped mountains of the Santa Marta region is the largest desert area in Colombia.One of the first places British citizens go for information about the safety of travel to Colombia is the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website.There may be small differences between the advice offered by different countries, but for the most part it is pretty similar.Few countries in the world, let alone in South America, enjoy the variety of geography that Colombia has to offer.The only South American country bordered by two oceans, the Atlantic and the Pacific, also boasts the wettest region in the world (the jungle along the Pacific coast in the department of Chocó), as well as the world’s highest coastal mountain range in the form of the snow-capped Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta which runs close to the Caribbean coast.

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But here is an honest look at the pros and cons to help you decide for yourself... Latin Americans in general are a friendly bunch and you’re unlikely to have difficulty making new friends in any country from Argentina to Mexico (language problems not withstanding).

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