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Dating in saudi arabia

Though the country is relatively new, it has long, proud religious and cultural traditions, many dating back thousands of years. Here are a few of the most common questions we receive: more Saudi Arabia turned 80 years young in 2012.

more Like anywhere else, the social life in Saudi Arabia is what you make of it.

Hundreds of localities with Rock art and inscriptions dating to different chronological periods and ranging from Paleolithic to the Islamic period were recorded at Wadi Dam and the region west of Tabuk.

Study of the art revealed rich stylistic variability and both human and animal figures were represented in it.

Tabuk became a centre of military activity during the Gulf War as the city faced threats from Iraqi scuds and air attacks.

The region is rich in antiquities and archaeological sites such as petroglyphs, inscriptions, forts, palaces, walls, Syrian-Egyptian pilgrimage route, and the remains of the Hejaz Railway line, the main station of which is located in Tabuk.

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It was originally built with mud and roofed with palm trunk trees. Eventually, its complete renewal was ordered by the late King Faisal ibn Abdul-Aziz, along the pattern of the Prophet's Mosque in Al-Medinah.

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