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Dating in colonial new hampshire

With a combined 3 million plus individuals from baptism, marriage and burial records now fully searchable it is easier than ever to discover ancestors from Sussex by turning to The Genealogist's Parish Record Collection.These records are published as a result of a major project undertaken by PRTSoc staff and dedicated volunteers to transcribe the parish registers of West Sussex with the aim of preserving them for generations to come.The databases are wonderful genealogical resources, and there is plenty here of more general historical interest as well: There's even a very intriguing file of Legal Name Changes, 1847-1947, a wonderful family history resource, and something that more states should consider posting online.Many of the name changes look to be attempts at Anglicization, like the 1919 change from Giovanni Di Guglielmo to John Williams.

Weather history often shapes our lives in ways we can't imagine. But weather history does offer us some more concrete examples of how storms put their imprint on life as we know it today.

Boston and New York might look different today were it not for the Great Snow Hurricane of 1888.

Vermont’s landscape was changed forever by the flood of 1927.

With the release of this decade of records, the already strong Immigration, Emigration, Naturalisation and passenger list resources on The Genealogist have been expanded again.

The fully searchable BT27 records from The National Archives released today will allow researchers to Those with ancestors who sailed from Britain in the 1930s will welcome this fascinating new release from The Genealogist, which adds to their current Emigration records, now totalling over 19 million and dating back to 1896.

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The Genealogist's new release links individual properties to extremely detailed ordnance survey maps used in 1910 which are coupled with the accompanying books that will also provide researchers with basic information relative to the valuation of each property, including the valuation assessment number, map reference, owner, occupier, situation, description and extent.

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