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Leaving tasks for another day in an office situation does not have anywhere near the same effect on future actions and results.Missing that drilling or spraying window can result in disease, loss of yield and quality.Sam, who can work up to 19 hours during the busiest season said: “I’d say from the end of February to June is the best time to date a gamekeeper, as this is usually the quietest time, but the majority of women would say there isn't one as we’re always busy.I’m busiest in July, August and September.” Asked what the best and worst things about dating a Gamekeeper were, Sam said: “There’s plenty of free game, so you don't need to buy much from the butchers.The “You might be a dairy farmer if…” quotes scattered throughout the book are simply priceless. There are, of course, other books in the world that might help you relax and enjoy life.

that dream lost it’s appeal as I got older and I all I wanted was to travel and move to some new exciting place.But since that will cost you .96 and be dry as dust, why not save yourself and buy instead? It’s even more fun to make other people laugh, so grab your copy today and have it ready for the next family get-together (especially if you have a relative who is a farmer, or if your extended family is a bunch of city-slickers and y’all enjoy a good guffaw at us country-folk).I know I’m not the only one with crazy farming stories! Just fill out the form below, and if you make me smile– I’ll post your farming memory here (and if I ever need fodder for a sequel, this will be my starting place!Izzy who is a dairy farmer’s daughter and has dated a couple of farmers said: “There's no right time to date a dairy farmer as it's nearly always milking time!I guess summer is the best time as cows will be out, so there’s less routine work to do.

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There is always more work to do and always lots of manure to deal with. They say, “Laughter is the best medicine.” And if there is one thing this book will do, it’ll probably make you laugh. And I learned that dairy farmers are a peculiar and hilarious breed of mankind.

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