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Search at Adult Hub beautiful good looking females for one night stand, no strings attached partners. , I tell myself, exhaling sharply to make myself laugh. It's 5 a.m., and I am sitting on the floor of my college bedroom, staring at the mirror and talking to my reflection. That's when I became addicted to Adderall, the amphetamine-based stimulant prescribed for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.Meet some one seeking discreet relationships or for one night stand. online best place to meet your perfect swinging partner. Adult Hub the couples dating site to meet singles seeking threesomes, and partner swapping.

My story is about not only Adderall addiction but also addiction to achievement. I would have good grades, a clean room, and a flat stomach, and I wouldn't burn out.

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By senior year, nearly two-thirds of college students are offered Adderall or other study drugs, and nearly one-third have accepted, according to a study in the .

The pills are a kind of university currency, sometimes selling for as much as each or as part of a barter system: "I'll trade you my Addy for that handle of vodka." The habit doesn't necessarily stop after you earn a diploma.

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"The thinking is that taking amphetamines to complete an essay or cram for exams is routine and no big deal," says Christopher Lane, Ph.