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I mean, do scents like this really ever go out of style? There's a review below that likens O to Prada Amber, and since I read that, I've been unable to "unsniff" the comparison. There's loads of spices (maybe the anise I smell is really the basil, but I swear there's licorice). Good staying power and sillage, especially considering I'm using stuff that was open with no idea how it was stored. This is a slight dislike that turned into a big like for me. Middle stage is nice, cinnamon and civet but the amber cinnamon caramel after a few hours is the best. I love how you can smell an aura of sweetness around the person wearing it. I may try Must de Cartier as its supposed to be similar but more decadent than this.

This scent has so much lasting depth: I smell minty basil, orange blossom, peach, & oakmoss. Warm cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg, other spices, amber, and civet! I get sandalwood, cinnamon, and lime peels up front, then get vanilla, bitter orange, cedar, incense, and amber.

My grandmother wore Opium,red door and this perfume when I was a kid and still kinda does. Interesting reading the reviews saying people wore this in high school and college; hard to imagine the 16-22 year old set rocking this nowadays, to be honest. I have been wearing it since the 90's and it works great with my body chemistry. Just smooooth sweet incense/syrup/vanilla/spices/cinnamon. I also smell something woody and slightly musky, but the vanilla dominates. Amazing for holidays, relaxing at home, winter nights out, dates, and sensual enough for personal moments :) Obsession was the first designer perfume I ever bought for myself. I currently have Four Vintage Bottles of Obsession, 1 being a .25oz of the Pure PARFUM in the Iconic "kidney bean" shaped bottle!! Almost from a Different Time, Like something CLEOPATRA would have bathed in to Seduce All her subjects or Even Further Back in Time...

but nowadays it is civetone and other synthetic compounds, so enjoy Obsession. However, it grew on me, though not sure yet if I will re-buy it once my current bottle runs out.

Obsession by Calvin Klein is a Oriental Spicy fragrance for women. Classic and cozy, wears wonderfully under heavy layers. It's up there with Elizabeth Arden's red door and Opium. Definitely not a style of perfume common currently- no sparkle, no fruity-floral, no food or sugar notes. I like Must since it does have the galbanium kick in the beginning (which I love) and I don't get anything green/herbal in Obsession. Why I have been ignoring such an amazing classic all of these years?? After a few minutes it becomes spicy and I smell something like cinnamon and cloves. The most warm,sensual vanilla ever, until the whole drydown of the perfume!And like you, it's the only Klein fragrance I've ever liked. How could I have looked over this for so many years?He cheapens his brand bringing out all these spur-of-the-moment, fly-by-night types of scents, and then they're discontinued 15 minutes later. The current reformulation is like expecting a symphony and getting a jingle. Maybe because the bottle is so nondescript, and because nothing else by Calvin Klein has ever gotten my attention...I found that in small amounts, it blooms into a really nice, powdery vanilla amber that is not at all the monster I turned it into that day. This is Calvin Klein's darling muse, his oriental masterpiece which rubs shoulders with Habinata, Coco, Opium and Ambre Fetiche and is a queen in her own right.Thankyou Obessession for the most blissfull olfactory experience.

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