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Meeting a person in a coffee shop or in a pubic area is no different!

You can meet a complete psycho in the line up at the grocery store and get followed home or wherever.But it doesn't work well--by the time I get to half know them others are running out and meeting them after barely speaking--jumping in feet first with someone they don't know..I still believe it's the way to go--I have more faith in someone that puts a little more thought to their decisions.But for those who have a special timeline that they have to follow before they meet someone, pfffffffft...would you feel if you had an instant click with a person and he/she wanted to wait a while before meeting?If there is a specific reason why that person can't meet with me asap, then I can accept that (away, ill, family emerg, working).it is some lame excuse like wanting to get to know me on line first, then bye bye...can't get to know a person for real on line.

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