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Carbon 14 dating interesting facts

Dyed flax fibers found in a prehistoric cave in Georgia suggest the use of woven linen fabrics from wild flax may date back even earlier to 36,000 BP.Linen was sometimes used as a form of currency in ancient Egypt.Egyptian mummies were wrapped in linen as a symbol of light and purity, and as a display of wealth.

It was also worn as clothing on a daily basis; white linen was worn because of the extreme heat.Many products are made of linen: aprons, bags, towels (swimming, bath, beach, body and wash towels), napkins, bed linens, tablecloths, runners, chair covers, and men's and women's wear.The word linen is of West Germanic origin and cognate to the Latin name for the flax plant, linum, and the earlier Greek λινόν (linón).The use of linen for priestly vestments was not confined to the Israelites; Plutarch wrote that the priests of Isis also wore linen because of its purity.Linen fabric has been used for table coverings, bed coverings and clothing for centuries.

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is a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant.