Candidating for methodist ministers

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Candidating for methodist ministers

Methodism formally broke with the Anglican church as a result of Wesley's 1784 ordination of ministers to serve in the United States following the American War of Independence.Before the schism, Wesley had as accredited preachers only a handful of fellow Anglican priests who shared his view of the need to take the gospel to the people where they were.This policy is based on legislation which applies to the mainland of England and Wales, in particular the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 (as amended) and the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012.It forms part of the safeguarding framework for both the Church of England and the Methodist Church.As part of both churches’ commitment to creating safety within our communities, we will check all those where it is allowed in legislation to check – that is, where the role to be done makes the person eligible to be checked.

Within the 2%, a large number of offences have no safeguarding implications for example shoplifting or cannabis possession in the distant past. Within the remaining tiny percentage, the church has learned of a wide range of behaviours with serious implications for safeguarding including offences of adult and child murders; manslaughter; rape of 8 year old girl; incest; kidnap and subsequent indecent assault of an 11 yr old boy; domestic violence; driving with excess alcohol or under the influence of drugs; abuse in a care setting; theft from employer; physical violence (including stabbings) against children and adults; indecent assaults and rape of adults; gaining contact to children via the web; accessing abuse on the web; taking and selling indecent photographs.Only a tiny percentage of adults who abuse children get caught and still fewer get convicted, so you must never rely solely on the criminal record check which, although crucial, remains only one element of safeguarding.This was noted by Lord Bichard when first introducing the system of criminal record checking: ‘The danger is that too much reliance will be placed on CRB [now DBS criminal record] checks ….This policy is intended to supplement all such policies, and it applies to arrangements for all types of work: employment; office-holders; volunteers; students as well as other types of activity such as internships.All this other guidance should cross-refer to this policy.

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It is the first occasion where the close working relationship between the two Churches is reflected by a single joint policy.

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