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The blogs are just one way younger patients are addressing the absurdity of life with cancer with humor, rather than pink-ribboned, glassy-eyed earnestness.

Virtually all of them are written by cancer patients younger than 40.

Experts nowadays say that the power of positive thinking might be overrated (thankfully).

They start foundations, write books and blogs, launch clubs, and use technology to spread the news.

Garland Harwood, a 29-year-old public-relations manager, combined both advocacy and humor when he planned a fundraising event on behalf of the American Cancer Society of Brooklyn, N.

Cancer Is Hilarious is just one of the hundreds of blogs combining realistic cancer confessions with humor: Making Cancer My Bitch. There I was—nonsmoker, athlete, young—diagnosed with colon cancer, the disease that more commonly afflicts overweight, elderly men. I was a travel writer and had just scheduled trips to Rome and Cologne for the following week. I swore I would never use the Internet to research colon cancer again.

About 70,000 people between the ages of 18 and 40 are diagnosed with cancer every year, representing about 6 percent of all new cancer cases.

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"Many negative, pessimistic people survive cancer, while others who believe positive attitudes will cure it do not.

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