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Doesn't matter how much you like her there are a million girls just like her out there who have a different answer, like "because Thai girls are bad news to me I want try Farang".The difference here is the "Take care me" girl is only motivated my money and as soon as you can't take care of her and her family she no longer has a reason to be with you.He lost his job about 6months ago and couldn't send any more money for the time being not that they needed much now anyway they had a profitable farm going.He comes over last week and she tells him to basically piss off.But whatever you do don't ever and I mean this ever put anything in her or her families names.Don't buy a car or bike or nothing in her name, no such thing as child support or alimony here guys what is your is yours sell it and put it in the bank.When you meet a Thai girl ask her why she likes foreigners most of the time they will be straight up about it "I want someone take care me and my family".

You can avoid all this trouble though with what I said is stay away from Isaan girls have your fun with them when you want but don't go giving them the farm!

Heartbroken he reached out to me but I couldn't say anything but I told you so.

Now you'd think you find a great girl pull her and her family out of poverty that they would like treat you like a king right?

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I got a very disturbing email from an acquaintance of mine yesterday basically he's crying in the email how he lost 3million baht to this Isaan girl who he had loved.

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