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Beth yorty nurse dating

He also contributed substantial stints drawing the cartoon features "The Ravings of Professor Doodle" and "So What?

" while simultaneously providing art copy for the advertising department.

Commodore worked prodigiously as editorial cartoonist for the next three decades, with just a brief hiatus away from the in the 1960s.

Other publications began to reprint Commodore’s cartoons on their op-ed pages, and he joined the wider community of political cartoonists. His canvas expanded to broader social problems created by injustice--poverty, false democracy, denial of government services.

Harsh Research Collection of Afro-American History and Literature, Woodson Regional Library, Chicago Public Library featuring a hammer breaking chains); his work reached an international audience.

More than that, his widely-seen cartoons helped to bridge the gulf between the two "parallel universes" representing the separate worlds of Blacks and Whites in the twentieth century.

His parents and sisters moved to Chicago in 1923, but Chester and his older brother, Louis stayed with his maternal grandmother, Della Fite, in her Racine boarding house.

His earliest memories centered on his love of drawing, and he was encouraged by John Prophet, who boarded at the house.

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