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This ended in defeat for the Irish clans, and much of their land was seized by the English.

In 1608, James I of England began the Plantation of Ulster – the organised colonisation of this land by settlers from Great Britain.

Although Portadown can trace its origins to the early 17th century Plantation of Ulster, it was not until the Victorian era and the arrival of the railway that it became a major town.

It earned the nickname "hub of the North" due to it being a major railway junction; where the Great Northern Railway's line diverged for Belfast, Dublin, Armagh and Derry.

It became known as Carrickblacker, and is now the site of Portadown Golf Club.The Troubles led to the town becoming segregated – the northwestern part of the town became almost wholly Catholic/Irish nationalist, while the rest of the town became almost wholly Protestant/unionist.The Troubles also intensified the long-running Drumcree marching dispute, over Orange marches through the Catholic part of town.Each July from 1995–2000, the dispute drew worldwide attention as it sparked protests and violence throughout Northern Ireland, prompted a massive police/British Army operation, and threatened to derail the peace process.The Army sealed-off the Catholic part of Portadown with large steel, concrete and barbed-wire barricades and the situation was likened to a "war zone" Community leaders in Portadown have been involved with the Ulster Project since it began in 1975.

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In one of the worst atrocities of the rebellion, in November 1641, Irish rebels forced about 100 captured English and Scottish settlers (or 'planters') off the Bann bridge and they either drowned or were shot.

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