Awsome dating ideas

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Awsome dating ideas

You’ll probably still need to impress with your personality, but at the same time, those trips can a) get you talking b) have more to offer than sitting in a café and c) if your date doesn’t know the city, you’ll also have the chance to explain why the Landwehrkanal smells like dogshit between Kreuzberg and Mitte.

Because those boats have proper restaurant service, you will also delightfully get wasted.

Not only can you basically let someone else do all the emotional work for you, the whole experience is very unique to Berlin. (Alternatively, try the lunch concerts of the Philharmonie Berlin.

Entire mall levels were dedicated to computer games like Street Fighter or, later, Dance Dance Revolution.Everybody loves the Ka De We, but even more so when you combine a luxurious field trip with a Schnitzeljagd.Because Ka De We is big and expensive, I usually restrict my game to the food court.I’m pretty sure I could find a free-drinks-event for every day of the week. Small, intimate environment of classical piano and reading performances.You’ll have to sign up before, but then: Free concert.

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