Accuracy of dating pregnancy tests six minute dating in chattanooga tn

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If you have increasing abdominal or pelvic pain, as well as any of the common early symptoms and signs of pregnancy, you should see your doctor without delay.Serial blood pregnancy tests and other evaluation can help him/her make a diagnosis of an ectopic pregnancy.

Pseudocyesis is a false pregnancy, but the afflicted women are mistakenly convinced they are pregnant.HCG takes an average of one to two weeks to become negative but can take longer depending on how far pregnant you were when your pregnancy ended.Be aware, though, that a positive urine or blood test can mean you still have pregnancy tissue in your uterus.There is always a chance the urine test kit you are using is defective and cannot accurately detect HCG in your urine.Consider buying a different brand and retest your urine if you think your results are wrong.

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