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Cannibal Baksheev said he was consumed by jealousy.'I could have been eaten too,' said the pensioner.'I could have been dead.'Last night I had a nightmare that they were making steamed meat from me.'Some six weeks ago I just survived.

Investigators say Elena had been drinking with the pair in the disused block of flats when the cannibal wife suddenly 'got jealous' alleging she had seduced her husband 'and it led to a conflict'.

Those small reactors could work in the independent mode for years and didn’t require any human interference, so it was very handy in the situation like this.

It was a kind of robot-lighthouse which counted itself the time of the year and the length of the daylight, turned on its lights when it was needed and sent radio signals to near by ships to warn them on their journey.

It was not true.'Natalia was much younger than me, what was he talking about?

'Suddenly he grabbed a stool and tried to hit me from the back.'But I managed to avoid it, I served in the miliatary and know how to protect myself.'After that Natalia jumped on me too but failed to harm me.'I pushed them out of my home, called a taxi and sent them away.'I never saw them again.'And now, seeing the news about them, I reckon Dmitry was just feigning jealousy, the truth was that they came to kill and eat me.'A local shopkeeper revealed that the pair used an abandoned block of flats to lure victims with the offer of vodka.'It is an abandoned block right opposite our shop,' she said.'This block was built for military people but building was never finished so it remained abandoned and not guarded.'It is a multi-level block, scary looking, all the windows broken, doors stolen.'I heard that somewhere in the block police found lots of blood and some body parts.

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