19 and 24 year old dating

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19 and 24 year old dating

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After being told by authorities to wait a few hours in case Kenneka showed up, a missing persons report was filed by Jenkins' older sister, Leonore Harris.

Later that day, police searched the hotel but didn't find any leads until around 10 p.m.

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Randall's got an EP credit on "Power" and helped produce Scorsese's flick "Silence." As for Lala ... The 57-year-old actor was spotted around Vancouver, Canada recently with 24-year-old Monique Pendleberry, sources told The National Enquirer in its November 6 issue.'They were on their way into a restaurant-bar. I passed the bar about three or four times and I saw no one else,' the source told the Enquirer Pendleberry's uncle Dirk Drew told the tabloid that she's introduced Duchovny to her family, but also insisted they were 'just friends'.Drew said they met at the juice company where Pendleberry worked and they have traveled 'together to New York, Canada and Malibu. Duchovny has been a regular at the Sun Life Organics juicery in Malibu owned by his friend Khalil Rafati where Pendleberry has worked.Duchovny performed earlier this month in Vancouver and has shows scheduled in February in New Zealand and Australia.He will reprise his role as FBI agent Fox Mulder for the upcoming 11th season of The X-Files that will premiere on Fox in January 2018.

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They reconciled but split again in June 2011 and their divorce was finalized in June 2014.

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